The Training Expert
on Financial Matters

What does Alisa do?
She helps managers:

  • understand the financial reports for which they are responsible
  • better manage the financial resources of their departments
  • see what's important on a report and how to zoom in on critical items
  • present financial data/information to a committee for the best results
  • and much more...
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How do you quickly focus on your financial reports' most important figures?

How do you present plans for greater impact and acceptance by management at all levels?

How do you use the numbers for better decision making and strategic planning?

How do you use the financial tools available to you?

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Q&A | The Butterfly Effect

Alisa's extraordinary book,
52 Dances of the Butterfly
is now available for purchase!

Alisa has 20-plus years of financial experience, including helping others to understand their financial information.
She is the training expert on financial matters. With her help your management will gain a better understanding of what the financial reports mean, how to use them, and how to present financial information in a concise and useful way.

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